A week of Meal Prep/Macro Friendly Pizza

Another Wednesday is upon us! 

If you’re anything like me, you’re at the point of the week where dieting seems stupid and pointless and you have a great personality so who cares if you eat 143 pizzas tonight am I right?

Hang in there fam.  I have a couple pieces of advice to fight those cravings and stay focused on your routine.  I wanted to share with you all what a typical shopping list for the week looks like, but first of all, what I’ve found is that preparation is truly key when it comes to diet.  I (try to) prep all my food for the week on Sundays, but you can honestly prep whenever you have an ample amount of time to do so.  I say ample because while it will take some time, it’s way easier if you cook everything at once.  Trying to rearrange meals and carbs and all that when you run out of one thing is a giant unnecessary headache and can mess up all the rest of your meals.  The easiest way to fix this problem is think about the how much chicken, for example, you eat per day, and per week, and try to prepare that amount.  I know…math.  This may seem like common sense, but trust me, the one time you get cocky and think you know, you end up opening the fridge in the morning and you’re out of rice :))))))))))))))) Mind you, this is not the end of the world, but when those hard days hit where the last thing you want is another meal of ground turkey and green beans, if you’re out of green beans, it’s an easy excuse to cheat and get off track.  

All through my prep and off season, my diet stays fairly consistent as far as the staple foods I buy.  My list will include:

1.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2.  Extra Lean ground turkey
3.  Lean ground beef/some sort of lean steak if I’m feeling wild
4.  Bananas/sometimes strawberries or a frozen berry blend for shakes
5.  Steel cut oats (My go to breakfast.  Throw in some protein powder, egg whites, almond butter, and bananas.  Bomb.)
6.  Brown rice/potatoes
7.  Frozen veggies (you can get creative here, choose a vegetable that you enjoy, but make sure you check the macros on the back!  Some brands add flavoring, butter or other sauces that are unnecessary.  I know butter is great but you know what else is great? Unclogged arteries.)
8.  Rice cakes
9.  Protein powder/bars (like we talked about last week, watch the intake of these…a snack and a post workout shake, or adding it to your oatmeal if fine, but not for 3 meals a day everyday.  That’d be gross.)
10.  Unsweetened almond milk 
11.  Egg whites
12. Almond butter

And that’s pretty much it! This is a very simple list, but it is your prerogative to get fancy as you want with your meal prep.  Just make sure that you take the time to read the labels!  Pay attention to what you’re eating and don’t absentmindedly snack on garbage just because it says “gluten free.”  

My pizza.  So art very wow
Now that that’s all taken care of, I also wanted to share a recipe I found for macro friendly pizza!  I can’t take any credit for this recipe, but it was a serious life saver on my preps when I couldn’t fathom eating one Tupperware meal. 

Just follow this link to get the recipe:

I topped it with fat free cheese, a low calorie pizza/tomato sauce, reduced fat pepperoni and some ground turkey.  And alllll of the spices. Again though…watch those macros.  Or don’t.  Pizza is good for the soul.

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