Swing, Even If You Miss

Yo, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything and I want to ease back in with some thoughts very relative to the subject.  Recently, I’ve been presented with many obstacles both personally and professionally.  In the midst of these challenges I’ve been struggling to write as well as finding the motivation to spend what little free time i have choosing an appropriate subject to write about. I prefer to put a personal touch or a relatable subject into my posts and it seems more often than not, the last few ideas I’ve thought of were the opposite of inspirational.  So I’m gonna try a different approach of push-starting the car so to speak, and just trying write about anything.  Here we go…

You know that saying by Wayne Gretzky that says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”?  Well, that seems like common sense, but why do you think it needs to be said?  Probably because most of us are too chicken shit to just try something we’re afraid of failing at.  Hell, I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now with just writing this blog.  I often worry about the content of my messages, whether people are reading them, or if the information is 100% credible or accurate.  I mostly post my opinions or situational advice based on a controlled test subject of yours truly, so why am I so insecure to just try?  The obvious answer is because I’m human but at the root of all of it I think as people we have an undying need to be vindicated in our findings or our own truths.

I’ve been struggling to make the time to pursue my extra curricular activities such as writing, exploring my entrepreneurial ideas, or even writing music.  Yes, even writing music!  Something that’s been the deepest passion of mine for years.  Why is it that we let the outside affect so much of the inside?  Why can’t we just be pre-wired to block out the negativity and dissemble the outside world?  I don’t have those answers yet, but what I am trying are my own personal techniques to combat these issues.

1.  F*ck the Nay-Sayers

Everyone’s a critic and you’re gonna be the worst movie they’ve ever seen.  Seriously, the majority of people you will ever talk about your goals with or express outside interests with are going to disagree or have an even better idea of how you should do it.  Or my personal favorite, WHY you shouldn’t do it.  Do yourself a favor and serve them a cold glass of “STFU”.  Unless you’re devising a plan to hurt yourself or others, there’s nothing in this world that should require someone else’s approval for you to feel validated.  That’s probably the trickiest task at hand but you need to surround yourself with like minded people or else shit is never going to get done.  Ever wonder why nerds or jocks each seem to thrive within their own cliques?  Social segregation is not what I’m aiming at but the point is they all have common goals, interests, hobbies, etc. so it’s easier to co-exist amongst themselves.

2.  Don’t let personal relationships hinder your potential

I’ve had many personal relationships thus far in my young life and most were unhealthy due to my own choices I’ll admit.  But one thing I’ve been fortunate to have in almost all of them was support for my passions and interests.  Only a handful of times did I get the notion this person either:

  • Doesn’t care about what I’m trying to accomplish
  • Doesn’t think I have the potential to achieve my goals
  • Doesn’t have the drive or confidence in themselves to do something bigger

If you get a whiff for one second that your talents, gifts, potential, or dreams are undervalued in a relationship, then I’d advise you to find the quickest exit out of that Hell hole and run.  I know it sounds a little brash and self centered but if you really want to achieve your potential you can’t let anyone stop you, not even your best friend or the “love of your life”.  If someone doesn’t care about your dreams or an interest of yours, do you really see a long term gain from that interaction?  How long until you give up on that dream after talking to a wall every time you have a new idea for a business?  You don’t have to have the same dream, but support for yours is priceless in this world of overwhelming negativity.  To piggy back off that rational, if someone says you can’t achieve your goals or dreams, there’s an obvious red flag.  The reason they do this is to the next point in which they lack the confidence or potential in themselves to do something bigger.  Now I’m not saying turn and run when someone doubts themselves because we should help someone we love reach for more and build their confidence to understand their potential.  But believe me when I say there is a sickness of negativity that plague many people and you can’t cure them all.  Help who you can but don’t waste a lifetime trying to force someone to open their eyes.  Drowning with someone because you love them isn’t a noble cause, it’s just suicide.

3.  Swing for the fence, even if you miss

I’ve touched on this idea before, but at the root of this saying it’s about trying and not giving a f*ck even if you fail.  The expression is a baseball term and it basically means, if your team is down 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, you might as well swing for the fences and hit a home run.  You’ve got nothing to lose except everything!  Me procrastinating writing this blog is a perfect example because look at me now, writing like a mad man HAHAHAHA!  I’ve been so caught up in my work and personal struggles lately that I haven’t even tried to swing the bat and hit that curve ball.  I mean writing this shit is therapeutic.  It relieves stress and feelings of frustration and anxiety, so why wouldn’t I make time for it??  Because I’m stubborn, insecure, and good at mind f*cking myself out of my potential.  In all honesty, if no one read this blog would it really hurt me that much?  Probably not.  I’d be a little butt hurt at first but then I’d write another blog entitled “F*ck You” shortly after, lol.  JK fam, I ain’t bitter.  But seriously, don’t do that people.  See the little opportunities as a chance to get back into your groove and keep swinging.  Swing as if you are down and out cause that’s when life shows you potential you didn’t even know existed.

I’m not the Mother Theresa of these teachings and I don’t have a Dalai Lama resolve when it comes to  feelings of inadequacy and self doubt.  But I promise I’m going to try and apply these techniques to my own life from now on because I owe it to myself to try.  You owe it to yourself to swing at every opportunity that strikes your conscience because if you don’t try I guarantee you’ll wonder, “What if?”

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