As you grow, so shall your goals

IMG_7624.JPGHey fam! It’s been about two weeks since we last discussed setting some new goals and now would be a good time to check in with yourself and your New Year’s resolutions. Are you still grinding away or has everyday life taken you back into complacency?  Either way is OK!  Don’t beat yourself up too much, this is where a healthy check-in or progress update is crucial to success and growth.  Now that we have the formalities out of the way, I want to talk about adapting your goals (or body) to avoid inadvertently plateauing.

The first step is to prevent the seize of growth.  A plateau is a term widely used in the fitness world to state that the body is no longer growing or showing progress with its current regimen.  This could be due to the body adapting to the diet or exercise routine as it is designed to adapt and improve upon new changes and variables to its existence.  Usually when this happens to someone, the first and easiest thing to do is change-up the workout routine.  The simplest would be to create new exercise movements, swap the order in which you do them, or start an entirely new weight/rep scheme to shake the body up.  This will invoke a chain reaction in the body called “muscle confusion” which has shown from studies to reignite growth.  There are ways around goal plateau but the key is to see when you are about to plateau so you can properly avoid it and keep climbing. It’s a timing game of knowing when to change your patterns at different times.  Now that we know from a fitness side how to jump-start the body into action, how can we apply this to our life and goals?

Like exercising, stretching can relieve stress and open up muscles for contractions and allow deeper reps, heavier weight, etc. for more growth. This is similar to goal setting.  As we grow older, the mind and habits become more rigid and unable to flux, we need to stretch our minds and expand our realm of possibilities to introduce new growth.  The brain is an everyday growing and learning muscle.  It feeds off of constant stimulus and new information and in turn, your thoughts and ideas will flourish as a bi-product.  Naturally, we will need to introduce changes or slight variances to our daily routine and goals to keep growth and passion sparked.  It will be easy for your mind to wander if your goals stay the same without any adjustments or changes.  For example, let’s say the goal is to prep super healthy lunches every week to save you money, and you make the same lunch every…single…day.  I don’t think i need to tell you that eating the exact same, bland food is a fast track that will lead you straight into Taco Bell’s lobby ordering 5 Gorditas.  Your taste buds and mind need some variance to keep on track.  Because at the end of the day the goal was: Eat healthier for lunch and save money.  There’s a million ways to accomplish that goal besides eating the same kale salad with boiled chicken and a side of misery.  The simplest solution would be to research other healthy low-cost meals and alternate.  OR you could go an even easier route, and try preparing your chicken differently or with different spices, or maybe finding a low-calorie dressing.  The point is goals are attainable and can even be improved upon with modifications that grow as you grow.

When I started bodybuilding, I had no knowledge about all the different ways to train, eat, or think, or how I would eventually understand the concepts.  But I knew who I wanted to look like.  I knew who I wanted to be like and try to mimic.  Arnold and Lou.  Those 2 guys have been some serious heavy hitters in the industry and have also been my idols throughout the entire process.  Lou, like me, was 6’4”  and Arnold was, well, Arnold, ’nuff said.  The point I’m trying to make by this comparison is that sometimes we set goals for ourselves without direction or even leadership.  We need examples or mentors to help us reach success from people who have actually done it before us.  Sometimes these mentors are people you see in the industry or on TV doing whatever it is you’re trying to do and you’ll never meet them.  The goal is to mimic the behavior they are so successful at and try to apply it your life.  In addition to leadership and mentors, we need to be surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals.  I’ve stated this concept before and it’s not complicated but if someone IS doing what you WANT to do, then hang around them.  Pick up little details about how they got started and begin taking baby steps that will move you in the same direction. Even if that one thing they do is the only thing you have in common.  You’d be surprised about what you can absorb from others just by picking their brain and learning their habits on that subject.  This will help you to feed your mind with healthy thoughts and to keep positive even when there’s doubt because now, there is someone you can socialize with that’s looking for the same end result as you.

Mind, body and spiritual growth is a marathon, not a sprint.  We don’t need to jump from goal to goal or switch up our routines every day to force success.  However, we do need to recognize when our growth begins to stagnate and we must search out fresh water to continue developing and growing. We must weed out the negativity and complacency and always reach to surpass our own expectations.

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