GymJam/Tip of the Week #3

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the GymJam and Tip of the Week. What’s a Gym Jam? It’s pretty simple, but a Gym Jam is a hype song or a song that gets you pumpin’ at the gym, kinda like your own personal cadence for that next lift, set, or on your way to the gym. Every week we will be picking a new song that we feel furthers the pump and raises the intensity of the workout or even powers you through everyday life! Whether it be driving on your way to way to work, on your way to the gym, or your about to smash that next interview, use the Gym Jam as a tool to power you up and rejuvenate your mind for intensity and greatness.

In addition, I will be disclosing any sort of quick tips for the gym or daily life that have helped me with training and also made sense of this crazy world we live in.


GymJam of the Week

This weeks Gym Jam is a song called “Darling” by Said the Sky. EDM, or electronic dance music, has taken over the music world in the last 5-10 years, particularly within the club and festival scene. With its influence dating back to early techno and dub step influence, with hints of trap/trance hooks and break downs, this genre introduces a more mellow and melodic taste to the electronic music scene. Take a listen and comment if it pumps you up!

Spotify link:

Song: Darling

Artist: Said the Sky Feat. Missio

Album: N/A

BPM: 159

Song Duration: 3:58


Tip of the week: Resistance bandsgetting that little extra out of your workouts

Most people associate resistance bands with physical therapy or “girly” workouts, but the truth is, they can play an important role in building muscle. They have the perk of creating gradual resistance without the necessity of heavy weight. There are different levels of resistance, ranging from low to heavy, and as a general rule, the lighter the color of the band, the lower the resistance. This also means you can just dip your toes in to test the waters if you don’t feel comfortable jumping in while screaming “Cannonball!”

The different levels are best suited to specific muscle groups, for example, your shoulders don’t require a lot of resistance to warm them up, so a lighter colored band would work perfectly. Medium resistance bands would work better for biceps and triceps, and that leaves the darker bands for the large muscle groups, like chest, back and legs. Give them a try with squats around both thighs to bring constant tension on the outside of the legs and butt area. This will also help in strengthening your balance for this complicated movement. Check out the examples below!

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