GymJam / Tip of the Week #6

Here we are again… What’s a GymJam? It’s pretty simple, but a GymJam is a hype song or a song that gets you pumpin’ at the gym, kinda like your own personal cadence for that next lift, set, or on your way to the gym. Every week we will be picking a new song that we feel furthers the pump and raises the intensity of the workout or even powers you through everyday life! Whether it be driving on your way to way to work, on your way to the gym, or you’re about to smash that next interview, use the GymJam as a tool to power you up and rejuvenate your mind for intensity and greatness.

In addition, I will be disclosing any sort of quick tips for the gym or daily life that have helped me with training and also made sense of this crazy world we live in.

GymJam of the Week

This week we’re diving into one of my favorite electronic artists ever, Porter Robinson.  This is by far my favorite song of his and it has a chorus that will literally send your heart flying.  I saw him live at Coachella and it was such an amazing experience.  He performed this song in more of a remixed fashion at his set, however it was still mind blowing.  Solid, punchy drums, grimy analog synth sounds, and some weird Japanese speaking robot in the background, what else could you need?  Listen and enjoy.

Spotify link: Spotify: Porter Robinson – Flicker Image result for worlds porter

Song: Flicker

Artist: Porter Robinson

Album:  Worlds


Song Duration: 4:39

Tip of the week: Re-purposing Your “Why”

The tip I want share this week is about re-purposing and recharging your “why”.  This is especially applicable to a friend of mine who asked me, “How do you keep getting up everyday, and keep going even when you’re sore and exhausted?”  Now I think she meant more in a literal sense like “what do you do with the pain?” However, it made me think about my whole reason for starting fitness, then bodybuilding, in the first place.  My reasons for starting were some of the most vain and shallow reasons in the beginning. I wanted to look good naked.  Simple as that, I just didn’t want to be overweight or pudgy or “ugly” any more.  Don’t take this as me ranting that overweight people are ugly, far from it in fact.  But I believe as humans we can’t help but have a premeditated version of “ugly” in our minds, and it can be about anything.  To me, at the time, I associated my weight and physical appearance with attractiveness.  Again, it’s shallow, it’s small minded, but it was my rational at the time.  And it got me moving.  It drove me to the furthest lengths to find my success, even as small or weak as someone else might have viewed those successes.

Fast forward to today, and my “why” has had many revisions and has been reshaped quite a bit.  I think that’s normal.  This will happen on any long term, goal-driven journey in your life, and as priorities change, life happens, and success and feats are accomplished. I think that no matter what your “why” is, your passion and energy need to be replenished from time to time.  You need to have no regrets about the goal at hand because you’re doing it for you.  Again, THIS WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE.  The only thing you can do wrong is short changing yourself and making a goal insignificant to YOUR growth, or so small it doesn’t even push you.  If you’re looking for something to occupy a few months of your time so you can relapse back into your old ways, then I suggest a video game, or Netflix for the time being.  Push your body and mind, and ask yourself, “Have I lost my ‘why’?”  If you have, that’s okay.  Pick yourself up and try re-purposing your “why” once more.  You’ll know it’s been found when you’re finally feeling invigorated again.


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